My Story

Mary Lou Palazzolo
Pranzo Bags at the PGA


Hello. I’m Mary Lou Palazzolo and I invented the Pranzo Bag. The word “pranzo” translates to “lunch” in Italian and it solves the problem of keeping your contents hot or cold for several hours in any temperature – indoors or outdoors. I used to carry my lunch to work everyday in a plastic grocery bag. One day as I was frantically searching for my lunch in a crowded work refrigerator, a co-worker suggested that I purchase a lunch bag so that I would not have to sift through a mound of bags to find mine. I explained to her that I searched on-line and in retail stores and could not find one that appealed to me. They either look like a knitting bag or a fishing tackle box. I then said “Gosh, if someone would make one that was more fashionable, and one that did not looking like one of those typical lunch bags, I’d buy one!”

That was my “Ah-Ha” moment and it’s when I decided to manufacture my own stylish insulated bag which would also convert to a handbag. When I saw first-hand the numerous plastic bags, paper bags, and plastic bottles thrown out every day, I decided to make mine Eco-friendly as well.

I worked very hard in designing and researching for the finest components to use. I also discovered a new, patented, anti-bacterial, and reflective RFID product (made in the U.S.A.) that I would use for the lining. By using this material for the lining, the Pranzo Bag needs no refrigeration.

My passion and determination resulted in receiving a United States Patent for the Pranzo Bag.

I saw a need, and I filled it.

Go “green” and keep reading for simple things you can do today to help reduce your environmental impact.

Mary Lou Palazzolo
Inventor/ Pranzo Bags