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Mary Lou Palazzolo
Pranzo Bags at the PGA


I used to carry my lunch to work in a plastic grocery bag every day and placed it in the crowded refrigerator. One day as I was searching for my plastic lunch bag, a co-worker suggested that I purchase a lunch bag so that I would not have to sift through a mound of bags to find mine.

I replied with an explanation on how I shopped retail stores and online with no luck in finding a functional lunch bag that appealed to me. “They were either too small and looked like a little girl’s character bag, or they resembled a men’s fishing tackle box. If someone would manufacture one that is fashionable, functional, and one that doesn’t look like a “typical” lunch bag, I’d buy one!”

From that moment until today, my inner drive, passion, and determination has resulted into a Patented, stylish, and unique lunch bag which can also be carried as a hand bag. When I experienced first-hand of the numerous plastic bags, plastic bottles, and paper bags that were being thrown away everyday, I decided to make mine Eco-friendly as well.

Pranzo (Italian for “lunch”) is the perfect name for the bag and the business; being that my parents immigrated from Italy.
Sure…there are many lunch bags out there. But none have the features and innovation that I incorporated into the Pranzo Bag.
My mission is to raise awareness and encourage the world to “take action” in eliminating their use of disposables by doing one simple thing by carrying a re-usable bag.
We are all part of the problem. Let’s change that and be part of the solution.

Go “green” and keep reading for simple things you can do today to help reduce your environmental impact.

Mary Lou Palazzolo
Inventor/ Pranzo Bags